Tu B’Shevat Celebrations

In celebration of Tu B’Shevat we have been very busy in Brodetsky today. During the morning Tefilah assembly the children were taught the Shehechiyanu bracha that is said before eating a new fruit to the Ya’akov Shwekey tune. All the children went out in small groups to look after their class tree that was planted last Tu B’Shevat. The children got their hands dirty, weeded all the competing weeds and grasses, fastened the ground cloth with new pegs and scooped out a new layer of wood chips. They also collected a full, very heavy, bag of litter from around the area near the trees.
In the afternoon children from Year 4 planted two new apple trees with the help and guidance of Bill Kunin, an ecologist specialist. Children in all year groups enjoyed eating new fruits that they haven’t had in while and also brought in donations of fruits for those who may not be able to afford it in our local community. We ended the day with a whole school bingo at which the children had to cross off fruits that were labelled in Hebrew on the sheets.

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