The Role of the Governors

Expectation of governing bodies and their leadership is significant. OFSTED are clear about the importance of strong, effective leadership. Governors are appointed by a variety of means, but once appointed are expected to be of equal status and responsibility. They play a vital role as the school works through the difficult environment common to much of the public sector, which is how to deliver continuing improvement whilst managing within a diminishing financial resource. Being a member of the governing body requires knowledge of both board-level strategic leadership skills and corporate governance.

The Brodetsky Governing Body is made up of 10 members; 6 members are appointed by the Brodetsky Foundation Trust, 1 member is the Head Teacher, 1 member is appointed by the Local Authority, 1 member is an elected member of staff and 1 member is an elected parent governor. There is also scope for the governing body to co-opt 4 additional members for a year, should it be required. Currently there are 4 subcommittees of the governing body, to which certain functions are delegated. The structures of the committees and chairs (in bold) are below:

Teaching & Learning: Rachel Gould, Jason Broch, Susy Hardacre, Rebecca Skolnick.
Resources: Carolyn Glynn, Adam Baxter, Susy Hardacre,
Limmudei Kodesh: Dan Cohen, Jason Kleiman, Susy Hardacre

It is expected that each governor will be part of one or more of these subcommittees as part of fulfilling the role.

The current membership of the Brodetsky Governing body is:

Dr. Jason I Broch, Chair of Governing Body  (Foundation Governor)
Mrs. Carolyn Glynn, Vice Chair & Chair of Resources (Foundation Governor)
Cllr. Dan Cohen, Chair of Limudei Kodesh (Foundation Governor)
Mr. Adam Baxter (Foundation Governor)
Rabbi Jason Kleiman, (Foundation Governor)
Mrs. Susy Hardacre, Executive Head Teacher
Mrs. Rachel Gould, Chair of Teaching and Learning (Parent Governor)
Mrs. Rebecca Skolnick, (Staff Governor)

Governors’ full statutory information

Governors’ pen portraits

Dates of meetings can be found on the upcoming events calendar.

Full Governing Board Meeting Minutes

8th December 2021 Minutes

3rd November 2021 Minutes

15th July 2021 Minutes

18th March 2021 Minutes

19th January 2021 Minutes

22nd October 2020 Minutes

18th July 2019 Minutes

28th March 2019 Minutes

13th December 2018

11th October 2018 Minutes

27th September 2018 Minutes

Governing Body Documents

Annual Governor Statement Brodetsky – September 2018

For anyone interested on how to become a Governor please email our Chair of Governors, Jason Broch.

Governing Body Attendance at Meetings

Full Governing Body           
Name07 Dec 1715 Mar 1825 Apr 1819 Jul 1827 Sept 1811 Oct 1813 Dec 1828 Mar 1918 Jul 1912 Sep 1911 Dec 1917 Mar 20
Henry CohenPPApPApApPPPApPAp
Alan DunwellPPPP--------
Helen LewisP-----------
Rabbi Jason KleimanApPApApApApApApApApPAp
Carolyn Glynn-PPPPPPPPPApP
Adam Baxter-------PPPPP
Rebecca SkolnickPPPPPApPPApPPP
Manjit HareAtAtAtAtAtAtAtAtApAtAtAt
Lindsay SeatonAtAtAtAtAtAtAtAtApAtAt
Sharonjit BhogalAtAtAtAtApApApAtAtAtAtAt
Sagi YechezkelAtAtAtAtApAtAtApAtAtAt
Nikki Cohen - PTAAt
Angela ShermanAt


P – Present

Ap – Apologies

Ab – Absent (no apologies)

At – In Attendance

A hyphen (-) in a cell indicates not on the governing body at that time