Wellbeing Centre

You spend a large portion of your week in school. That’s why health and wellbeing must be a central focus for Brodetsky. Wellbeing covers everything from mental health, safeguarding, a healthy lifestyle, being active and your overall happiness — all of these need to be a priority for us.

So what do we do?

  1. We understand that everyone is different
  2.  We identify people that need extra support
  3. We look to take care of you beyond the school gates
  4. We work to put a stop to bullying
  5. We are improving the school environment
  6. We support you living a healthy and active lifestyle

If you need to talk, need some space, let one of your teachers know. If there is something we can help with just let us know, even if it seems small…lets talk it out.

Have a look here at Young minds, there is lots of information, help and wellbeing tool kits. There are some great video resources to really help and support.

Mind is an organisation which helps young people. Click here to visit their website.

There is also some information for young people and families on the NHS website. Click here to visit it.

Always get in touch if you need help or support, we will always prioritise your wellbeing.

If you need more help and want to read on further, have a click  below on one of the mini help guides on a number of topics.