Winter Weather Guidance

Here are our procedures and systems for severe winter weather.

  1. We aim to keep the school open at all times as long as it is safe to do so.
  2. Updates on opening and access will be offered via:
    • ParentMail
    • Our Facebook Page
  3. Updates will be made before 8am each morning and before 2pm each afternoon unless there is an urgent change.
  4. If staffing is reduced we will amend the timetable and meal provision to reflect this.
  5. The register will remain open until 10.00am to allow a safe time to travel to school.
  6. Anyone living more than a mile from school, who cannot travel safely to school, will be given a ‘Y’ absence code. This will not count against your child’s attendance record.
  7. Anyone living close enough to walk, should come to school as long as it is safe to do so.
  8. No cars will have access to the site until a clear, ice free route has been established.
  9. On site walking routes will be gritted. All adults and children must stick to these routes for their own safety and take care.
  10. Children must all come prepared for outdoor play (unless for medical reasons).

Please make arrangements for a friend or other family member to be able to collect your child if you are unable to collect them. If it is someone who does not normally collect your child then please
ensure that you notify the Office to inform school who this will be.