Limmudei Kodesh

What is Limmudei Kodesh?

Limmudei Kodesh; Literal translation meaning ‘Holy Teachings’ is the study of the Jewish faith, its practices, teachings and traditions.

Limmudei Kodesh and Ivrit at Brodetsky Primary School

Over 20% of the school day is dedicated to Limmudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies) and Ivrit (Modern Hebrew).

Every class across the school start with various Tefilot (prayers) from the Shacharit (morning) service. Each year group will build upon pervious years to extend their repertoire. Tefilot vary from year group to year group to allow the children to comfortably be familiar with the prayers and begin to express themselves spiritually.

Each class has a minimum of 4.5 hours a week of LK and Ivrit lessons (excluding Tefilah and extra curricular activities).

Nursery have a single dedicated member of LK staff all morning. During the morning session there will be morning prayers, an LK input, small group LK activities and chance for the children to take their LK learning further through independent play and play initiated by the staff.

Reception have a single dedicated member of LK staff all afternoon. During the afternoon session there will be an LK input, small group LK activities and chance for the children to take their LK learning further through independent play and play initiated by the staff. In Reception, as part of their Mock Seder, the children are presented with their first Haggadah which we hope they use with their families at their own Seder tables.

In all EYFS classes, many LK themes are continued and taught through secular studies with careful planning across both departments.

Key Stage One are taught a mixture of Ivrit (Modern Hebrew), Parasha (the weekly torah portion) and Dinim (Jewish law). The children have many experiences which enhance their education. A highlight of the Year One curriculum is the Siddur topic when the children are presented with their first school Siddur. By Year Two we aim for the children to be confident in their Ivrit reading and so we present them with an Ivrit book. Parents are invited to both the ceremonies and encouraged to join in with the celebrations.

Key Stage Two are taught a mixture of Ivrit (Modern Hebrew), Chumash (Torah studies) and Dinim (Jewish Law). A highlight of the Key Stage is the Year 5 & 6 Mock Seder whereby parents and community leaders are invited to join the children in celebrating the Jewish festival of Pesach.

In both Key Stages teachers of LK liaise closely with their parallel Class Teachers. Opportunities for integration with the National Curriculum are actively sought in order to enhance both the overall learning experience and in order to develop further each child’s Jewish identity, knowledge and understanding.

Jewish and British values are at the heart of our school-wide systems, such as the School Council, PSHE programmes of learning and the house teams.

At Brodetsky Primary School, we teach LK to all children, whatever their ability and individual needs. Through our teaching, we provide learning opportunities that enable all pupils to make excellent progress and encourage growth of self belief and of value and worth. We strive hard to meet the needs of pupils who have special educational needs, disabilities, special gifts and talents, or who are learning English as an additional language.

Children are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities that enhance the Jewish life of the school and that serve to extend their own Jewish experience and knowledge. Examples are Israeli dancing (which is also done as part of PE), the School Choir (which takes part in many performances each year including an interfaith concert), community projects and events.

Chagim, Dinim, Jewish History and Tefilla are all essential components of our LK curriculum. These, together with our many and varied informal Jewish activities and special guests, give our pupils a broad and balanced Jewish education.

As an example of how teaching is made fun, relevant, educational and accessible to all: During lessons on the topic of Shabbat, Year 6 pupils with their LK and General teachers entered the Kosher Rap competition and won with their ‘Shabbat Rap’ entry in 2015.

Reception were learning about Chanukah and wanted to make a music video to share with everyone what they had been learning!

The next video was made to showcase what the children in Reception had learnt about Pesach.

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