Absence in Term Time

Reporting an unplanned absence

If you need to report an unplanned absence (such as illness), please call the absence line (0113 293 0578 option 1, option 1) and leave a message in the morning or email office@brodetsky.org.

Reporting a planned absence

All family holidays must be taken during school holiday times. Absences during term time will only be approved in exceptional circumstances.

Please click here to fill out an application for absence in term time.

Medical Appointments

Dental and medical appointments should be made outside school hours where possible. If medical appointments need to take place during school hours, please request leave of absence in writing as soon as possible.

If your child has a series of medical appointments, it is helpful if these can be arranged on different days and at different times, so that the same lesson is not always missed. In the case of hospital appointments we will need to see a copy of the hospital letter.

We politely request that appointments are made out of school hours but if it is unavoidable, please give as much notice as possible to the office. Please note that for lunchtime appointments, we are unable to facilitate picking up or dropping off between 11.45am and 1.15pm so please arrange to collect or drop off your child outside of these times.