SATs are over!

After 3 days away in Prague, it was so lovely to walk into Breakfast Club this morning to see all of the Year 6 children enjoying a hearty breakfast with smiles on their faces, feeling relaxed and ready to rock and roll for the last maths paper. It was a little tricky but the children tackled it with a positive attitude and resilience. It was once again a true example of how our staff are building memorable moments for the children at Brodetsky. The staff ensured that the children were so well looked after, that they remained stress-free and that the whole SATs experience was as enjoyable as it could be.

Thank you to our Governors, Jason Broch and Lisa Baker for sponsoring our yummy breakfast which the children loved and for the extra time that Lisa Baker spent in school invigilating the SATs process. A big thank you goes out to all of the staff who were involved this week and in the run up to the SATs for coming in early, doing the shopping and ensuring that everything ran as smoothly as possible.

We now look forward to many extra-curricular activities that will be taking place such as Bikeability, the Year 6 Musical, Visiting Donisthorpe, Community Care Fair and Sports day to name a few as well as continuing their academic studies in preparation for High School.

Whatever the outcome of the SATs, the children have all done their very best and we are so proud of them. For the supporters, it is a shame that Leeds United did not perform as well as we hoped they would last night but in the words of the fans, ‘marching on together’ to enjoy the rest of the school year.

Mrs. Bhogal

Watch Year 6 SB Celebrate

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