Year 3 & 4 visit the Royal Armouries

While at the museum we completed a workshop that was lead by an ancient Greek character. We planned a Greek myth using the artefacts around the museum. The children hope to use these during lessons back at school to enhance their story writing. The children ensured to memorise all of the information that was discovered over the course of the trip so that when they go back to school they can write information booklets to explain to the other year groups about their visit.

2 responses to “Year 3 & 4 visit the Royal Armouries”

  1. Nicola says:

    We had a fabulous day. Thank you to all those that helped. The children were amazingly behaved and seemed to have a great time

  2. Charlotte land says:

    What a great bunch of children. So interested in their surroundings. They all said how excited they were and at the end of the day they all had the same enthusiasm!! Am sure a few of them will be nattering their parents to take them back! Mrs L

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