Srebrenica Tree Planting Ceremony

Following the death of Josip Broz Tito, leaders clinging to ethno-nationalism rose to power across Yugoslavia. Bosnia and Herzegovina, a majority Muslim republic, found itself under attack by Serb and Croat forces in a race for expansionism and power. Once considered a melting pot of cultures in which Jews, Muslims, Christians, Catholics and others lived side by side in peace…the small country found its Bosniak-Muslim population defenseless as the Serb army laid siege to its town and villages in an attempt to exterminate and “ethnically cleanse” the country of Bosnian Muslims.

At Brodetsky we held a ceremony to remember those affected by the genocide in Srebrenica by planting a fruit tree and holding a discussion on individuality.

Thanks to Paul White for sponsoring the tree in loving memory of his parents.

To learn more information about the genocide in Srebrenica please click here.

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