Seders 2021

It may not have been a normal year. However, that did not stop us ensuring that every child at Brodetsky participated in a Model Seder over the last 2 days.

Many thanks to:

  • The Brodetsky Catering Department for preparing all of the Seder components
  • Mrs Kupperman and Mrs Cohen for leading engaging, meaningful and fun Sedarim
  • The wonderful Teachers who helped to make sure that cups of wine were poured and that pictures were taken
  • The brilliant Cleaning Department who have worked tirelessly vacuuming matza crumbs that have found their way to every room in the school

Every child will be coming home with a Seder support sheet that you can use to help you with your seder at home.

Happy Pesach Everyone!

Please click here for a great booklet that you can print and use at your seder as well as watching our previous Pesach videos.

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