Purim 2023

We’ve had a fantastic day celebrating Purim in school.

Thanks to all the staff for making it so much fun for the children. The atmosphere was buzzing around the whole school. We fulfilled all four special mitzvot and a great time was had by all!

As well as donating items of dry foods to Homeless Street Angels and fundraising to support the Zone, as children came into their classrooms this morning, they were able to choose which charity to give their Tzedakah to. The following was given to each charity:

  • LJWB: £32.62
  • Homeless Street Angels: £41.81
  • JNF: £11.64
  • PaJeS: £10.80

Thank you to Mr Lawrence Gorsden who, with the help of our superb catering team, baked hamantashen for all of the children and staff. A big thank you also goes to BHH for sponsoring this year’s Mishloach Manot parcels that each child received.

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