Nursery 2 fun with Year 1

Nursery 2 came into Year 1 this morning for a special joint lesson.
Both classes had been learning about the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and shared with each other some lovely songs they had learnt. Year 1 showed Nursery 2 how to use their brand new Siddur and both classes did their morning prayers together so beautifully. Nursery 2 had prepared a ‘Peter Rabbit’ song and performed it for Year 1 using some props that they had made.
The children shared with each other what they like about being in Nursery 2 and Year 1 and everyone. We can’t wait to join together again soon!

One response to “Nursery 2 fun with Year 1”

  1. Mrs Skolnick says:

    What a pleasure it was having Nursery 2 join us today! We look forward to many more joint lessons!

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