Leeds Rhinos Teamwork Assembly

Leeds Rhinos came in to run an assembly on respect and teamwork.

The children had a discussion on how do you get respect? Children came up with ‘by respecting others’, ‘having good manners’ and ‘saying please and thank you’! He also spoke about the importance of teamwork and sharing the talents of those around you. He pointed out that just like for the Leeds Rhinos squad to win their league there is help and support given from lots of various people so too in school for the children to excel and improve on what they previously could do they need the help and support of the teachers, parents, teaching assistants, lunchtime staff, cleaners and everyone else who takes part in their lives.

Before leaving, the Leeds Rhinos leader even hinted that he may be able to bring to school the winning trophy to show the children. He explained that although they won the trophy at the end of the season it didn’t necessarily mean that they had won every game and so the team had to learn to be resilient.

The children enjoyed doing a wake up shake up with the Rhinos team and cheerleading squad on the big screen!

What an exciting and active way to start the morning!

Following on from the great assembly, Year 2 and Year 3 enjoyed workshops to extend the learning done during assembly.

Thank you Leeds Rhinos for coming in!

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