House Music

We hope that you are enjoying the pictures and videos of our House Music competition: apologies we were not able to post them before Shabbat for you to view.

We had the best end of term ever due to the enthusiasm and determination of Mrs Skolnick, Miss Goldberg and Mr Y who organised the event and inspired all of the teachers to join in; we are so lucky to have them on our team.

It really was a huge Memorable Moment as every child from Reception up to Year 6 performed on stage in front of the whole school and the little Nursery children came to watch.

The remarkable feeling of pride for being part of such a special school was felt by the children and adults. We are very grateful to our panel of expert judges- Simon Cowell, Craig Revel-Horwood, Cheryl Cole ( who even performed for us) and Aida Williams otherwise known as Charles Ross, Jason Broch, Susan Wilcock and Mrs Jagger.

Many life skills such as confidence building, performing in front of an audience, competitiveness, supporting peers and accepting that there can be only one overall winning house and how to deal with this were all promoted whilst having highly energetic fun.

As our children continue to learn to shine, the moral of the story is that coming to school on the last day of term is just as important as every other day in school.

Happy holidays all and have a Happy New Year.

Mrs Bhogal

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