Etgar Trip 2019

6.05: The train has left Leeds Railway Station and we are on our way!

6.57: Some of the children are working hard learning facts from the Etgar Handbook!

8.31: We’ve made it into London!

9.36: We are just being signed in at Parliament!

9.45: The children have been welcomed by Fabian Hamilton at the main entrance to the Houses of Parliament. He is now explaining to them the history of the building!

10.40: We all enjoy the views from the heights of the London Eye!

11.30: Spending 30 minutes on the London Underground!

12.30: The Etgar competition is well underway!

14.30: We may not have won the competition but we have had an incredible time eating, dancing, competing, Meeting the Israeli Ambassador, Mark Regev, listening to Chief Rabbi Mirvis and dancing some more!

16.18: We have just finished an exciting tour of Wembley stadium!

17.45: After some very full tube journeys we safely arrived at Sami’s for a lovely dinner!

20.33: We have boarded our 8th and final train. London Kings Cross to Leeds.

21.54: All the children are sleeping 😆

23 responses to “Etgar Trip 2019”

  1. Emma Scott says:

    Safe journey, have fun and make plenty of memories xx
    Looking forward to seeing more pics xx

  2. Sophie Goldberg says:

    Good start to the day- enjoy! X

  3. Pazit Ziv says:

    Lovely pictures. Thanks for keeping us updated. Have lots of fun and good luck with the “Challenge ” – the meaning of the word “Etgar” in Hebrew!

  4. Mr Newbury says:

    Have fun kids!

  5. Rachael Gascoigne says:

    Have a great day and keep safe! Xxx

  6. Sheila Collins says:

    Wonderful trip for the children. Well done Brodetsky and have a wonderful day. Good luck for Etgar

  7. Suzie Shenderey says:

    Have an amazing day! Great pics so far!

  8. Mel Nathan says:

    Love the pictures! Have the best time and we can ‘t wait to hear all about it. x

  9. Sarah Small says:

    It looks like you are having fun already! Enjoy and thanks to everyone helping!

  10. Sara says:

    Amazing experience. Enjoy ever moment x

  11. Elayna says:

    Looks amazing! X

  12. Pazit Ziv says:

    Fantastic and unique experience! Just wow!!!

  13. Fran says:

    You all look like you are having an amazing time. xx

  14. Simone Baxter says:

    Loving all the updates and the pictures. The children look like they are having the best time! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  15. Darren says:

    Have a lovely day Liam moore looks like your all enjoying your day love daddy xxx

  16. Pazit Ziv says:

    Wow! What a memorable day. I can’t believe you’ve managed so much! Well done to all. Hang in there, few more hours to go through some MORE fun. That’s just making me envy of you 😉 Take care and thanks for the lovely pictures and updates. Brightens up our day!

  17. Beverley Taylor-Levin says:

    What fun! Loving the photos thank you . All look so happy, having the best time x

  18. Mrs Fletcher says:

    Looks like you’ve had the best day. Been very quiet in school!!!! Enjoy dinner. See you tomorrow

  19. Suzie Shenderey says:

    Thank you so much for taking care of them. It looks like they’ve had an amazing time. 😊

  20. Naomi C says:

    Thank you for helping them to have an amazing day! They’re so happy they’re smiling in their sleep 😉

  21. Emma Scott says:

    Thank you everyone involved for looking after Gaby had a great time xx

  22. Amanda Russell says:

    Thank you for giving them such an incredible time & keeping them safe xx

  23. Pazit Ziv says:

    Thank you for a fabulous day. Well done to the organisers and all who supported. Just increadible! I hope that you have had some fun too 🙂

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