Brodetsky House Bake Off

A massive congratulations to all that entered The Great Brodetsky House Bake Off. We had so many amazing entries from our incredible bakers here at Brodetsky. As there were so many marvelous entries and we were so impressed, we decided to pick a runner up in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 as well!
In Key Stage 1 the runner up is…
Eva-Rose from Arnold Ziff with her delicious Sweet Crumble Sprinkle Challah!
In Key Stage 2 the runner up is…
Abe form Deborah Taylor with his incredible Chocolate Roulade Sausage Dog Swiss Roll!
Now for our winners…
In Key Stage 1 the winner is..
Rafi from Deborah Taylor with his colourful layered Rainbow Cake, covered in smarties!
In Key Stage 2 the winner is..

Evelyn from Morris Silman with her outstanding Choux Pastry Swans on a bed of raspberry sauce filled with cream and fresh strawberries

Congratulations to all of our winners and runners up, you blew us away with your fantastic entries!

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