Year 5 & 6 E-Safety Workshop

Year 5 & 6 have had an E-Safety workshop with members of the Police Force who came into lead the discussions!


“We had a visit from the police, and they told us about online safety. They told us a story about a child who took a photo with his mum’s credit card in the background. Then they showed us a video of a girl (aged 10) who decided to use the internet, but she gave away her personal information. A man found out where she lived and stalked her. It was really interesting and its made me think about how I use the internet.”

Written by Matthew


Have the discussion with your children to see how much they remember. Are you aware of all the facts? Why not try going through this short quiz with you children at home to find out how much they know!

One response to “Year 5 & 6 E-Safety Workshop”

  1. lisa says:

    In this world it’s so essential our children know how to be safe online. Great to see this workshop taking place

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