House Captain Voting

Well done to all candidates who have gone for the House Captain positions at school. Voting was done in voting booths to ensure complete anonymity. Year 5s & 6s listened to each candidates speech and then had the opportunity to vote for their favourite candidate. Mrs Seaton was on hand to count all votes and even though she was offered a bribe, did not accept it and ensured complete professionalism and accuracy.

Below are 2 of the speeches made:

Betsy’s speech:

I would like to be the Captain of Deborah Taylor House because I think I can make yellow house shine.

I will inspire the whole house to try their best and do their best.

As a house, we will have more fun this year if we choose the right captains.

I will be a great captain as I shall take sure that we come top instead of last in the team points.

We will work harder and do better if we believe in ourselves.

So make the right choice and choose the right captains!


Good luck everybody and thank you for listening.


Zion’s speech:

Hello my name is Zion.

I am here to tell you the reason why I should be the new captain of Morris Silman.

I am a reliable, dedicated, hands on person who is going to put my 100% into being captain.

I have great knowledge and understanding of sports; football, basketball, athletics and also skating.

I would be a great captain.


Candidates will find out who has won the votes during Kabbalat Shabbat!

Click here to find out more about what it means to be House Captain.

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