Enrichment (week 2)

This week in enrichment:

Lower Ball Skills were learning to pass the ball to each other as apposed to always attacking.

In Upper Ball Skills the children were learning how to pass and catch balls readying themselves for their up coming match against Gateways.

In beading with Mrs Skolnick the children were making decorative bracelets to take home as a gift for a family member.

In chess Mr Millen was sharing various strategies to the children on how to play more tactically.

In Cooking, Mrs Fletcher, Mrs Berman and Gabriella Levy were teaching the children to make a delicious Coleslaw which they all got to take home!

In forest school the children were looking for living things inside the pond, building dens above ground and learning to use outdoor knives and saws with Mr Newbury and Mrs O’Donnell.

In Drama with Miss Goldberg, after doing a few drama exercises, the children were given their parts to the play they will be working on.

In Film making with our volunteer Mrs Ansell, the children were coming up with the plots for their films.

In knitting our volunteers, Mrs Harris and Mrs Ross along with Mrs Bowman were continuing to guide the children through the basics of knitting.

In ukuleles our music teacher, Miss Haig, was teaching the children how to hold the ukulele, where to put their fingers and by the end of the lesson the children were playing in unison.

In trampolining with Mrs Aibi and Eitan Aibi, the children were working on their skills to achieve their first badge. At the same time children were working on the mats practising techniques before making their way to the trampoline.

In mindfulness children were learning different breathing and calming techniques.

In circuit training the children were pushed to their limits once more by Mr Barton!

In origami with Miss McTear the children were making paper tulips as a gift to a family member.

In magic with Mrs Sumroy, assisted by Joshua Kern, the children practise their card skills and slight of hand on each other.

All the children are growing with the knowledge of their new skills. Some children who found the enrichment session in week 1 difficult persevered resiliently this week and have now grown and embraced their new found skill!

If you or any you know would like to offer a skill up for next half term please get in touch with Mr. Y (syechezkel@brodetsky.org). We would love to offer more enrichment sessions so that each group is smaller enabling the children to have more adult focused time to help them further develop their new

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