Early Years

When children enter Brodetsky they usually start in the Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage 1 (FS1), composed of Nursery 1 (2-3yrs) and Nursery 2 (3-4yrs)

Foundation Stage 2, is the Reception Class.

After Foundation Stage, children move into Year 1.

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Photos and Video

Summer 2017

Class 1-2 Assembly
Nursery 1 Transition Session
Nursery 2 Assembly
Nursery 2 Jam and Toast in the Woodland
Nursery 2 Summer
Nursery 2 Summer 2
Nursery Yom Ha’atzmaut
Reception 1 Summer
Reception Forest School 2
Reception look at Flowers
Reception look inside a Fish

Spring 2017

Nursery 1 and Nursery 2 Purim
Nursery 1 Art and Letters
Nursery 1 Eat and Listen
Nursery 1 Posting Letters
Nursery 1 Posting Letters 2
Nursery 1 Spring
Nursery 2 Spring Activities
Nursery 2 TuBishvat
Nursery 2 Woodland Activities
Reception at Leeds City Museum
Reception Forest School in May
Reception look inside an Egg
Reception make Matzah
Reception March Activities
Reception Purim
Reception Spring Time