Phonics and Reading Schemes

Reading and Phonics Information

Phonics Information

Phonics is a method for teaching reading and writing the English language by developing learners’ phonemic (speech sounds) awareness – the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate phonemes – in order to teach the correspondence between these sounds and the spelling patterns (graphemes) that represent them.

At Brodetsky Primary School we use Letters and Sounds as our phonics scheme to help children to read and write. For more information on this government scheme of work, please click here.

How Can I Help My Child at Home?

  • Play lots of sound and listening games with your child.
  • Read as much as possible to and with your child.
  • Encourage and praise – get them to have a ‘good guess’ as opposed to giving up and reading the word for them.
  • If your child is struggling to decode a word, help them by encouraging them to say each sound button in the word from left to right.
  • Blend the sounds by pointing to each grapheme (letter), e.g. ‘c’ in cat, or the digraph/trigraph (letter group), e.g. ‘ng’ in sing. Next slide your finger under the whole word as you say it to assist with the blending.
  • Discuss the meaning of words if your child does not know what they have read.
  • Practise reading real and alien words and asking them to determine which is which.

Click Here for Brodetsky’s Guide to Helping Your Child to Read

Key Stage 1 & 2 Reading Scheme Information

We use Banded Books as our reading scheme. Our school is continuously investing in new banded reading books to provide our children with a full range of reading facilities that are current and appropriate.

Phonics and Reading in Nursery and Reception

Whilst at Brodetsky we follow the Letters and Sounds scheme of work for phonics. We use other schemes of work to supplement the resources which we already have in school. Children will be taught their initial letter sounds using the Jolly Phonics picture and action. For diagraphs and all further graphemes (Letters and Sounds phases 3 – 5) we use the Read Write Inc picture and rhyme.

In Reception we predominantly use the Read Write Inc reading scheme with some added Oxford Reading Tree books. The reading schemes are used until the children have learnt all their sounds and are ready for the banded reading books.