PE Events

We have been very lucky to enter many competitions.

In 2019/20 these include:


Aqua Festival. Yr 4 Smeaton Leisure Centre

Assembly on reducing sugar in our diet. Primary Sports UK

Inclusive Sports Hall Athletics. John Charles Centre

‘Try Yoga’ sessions for every class to support mental health week

Cross Country Finals. Temple Newsome Park

Penalty shoot out Leeds United

Tag Rugby

Mini Tennis competition Yr 3, 4, 5

Netball Highfield

Year 3/4 Key Steps Gymnastics – John Charles Centre for Sport

KS1 Participation Festival – John Charles Centre for Sport


Destination Judo – come and try event  (whole school)

Netball festival Roundhay School

Duathlon event Brownlee Centre

Yr 3/4 Multi skills Event

Netball festival Carr Manor x2

Yr 5 + 6 cross country qualifier Stanningly RL

Road to Wembley Yr 5 + 6 football

Sports Hall Athletics Roundhay School

Little Ninjas gymnastics- Come and try KS-1 – Leeds Gymnastics Club

Yr 3 + 4 Cross Country event. Cardinal Heenan

Yr 6 Outdoor activities residential. Buckden House

Inclusive Aqua swimming festival


In 2018/19 we participated in:

Year 5/6 Leeds NE football league

‘Come and Try’ Hi 5 Netball Festivals (2 competitions so far and another for April 2018)

Friendly netball match against Highfield Primary

Leeds NE Cross Country competition (reached finals for Year 4 boys and Year 4 girls)

KS2 Sports hall Athletics

KS2 Inclusive Sports hall Athletics

Leeds NE Year3/4/5 Mini tennis completion

Leeds Quicksticks hockey competition

Leeds NE Year3/4/5 Mini tennis completion

KS2 Tag Rugby competition

KS1 Leeds Rhinos Tag Rugby – 1 lesson a week during Spring  2

KS1 All Stars Cricket


In 2017/18 we participated in:

Year 5/6 Leeds NE football league

Friendly football matches for team and development squad

‘Come and try’ Hi 5 Netball Festival and Leeds NE Hi 5 netball competition

Leeds NE Cross Country competition

Year 4 Drax cricket competition (reached the Leeds final)

KS1 Sports hall Athletics

Leeds NE Year3/4/5 Mini tennis completion (Year 5 reached the Leeds final)

Leeds Quicksticks hockey competition

KS2 Rackets Festival

KS2 Leeds NE Aqua Festival

KS2 This Girl Can Competition

Brownlee Triathalon Event

KS2 Tag Rugby competition

U11 Kwik cricket competition

Table Tennis

Year 5/6 Multi Sports

Israeli Dance Festival

Leeds United Coaching in Year 5