Ethos & Values

Mission and aims of the school


Brodetsky Primary School is an Orthodox Jewish School committed to excellence in learning, education and achievements. We value the contribution of all members of our community, children, staff, parents, governors and friends. It is important that in order to achieve our aims we provide a warm, caring, friendly atmosphere and a safe and ordered environment in which Every Child Matters


Provide our pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum which is designed to develop our pupils’ knowledge, skills, understanding, personal and social development, whilst ensuring excellence for all.

Recognise the need for our pupils to achieve their full potential, whilst deriving maximum enjoyment from their educational experience. We aim to provide meaningful learning opportunities which engage all pupils fully and encourage them to progress at an appropriate rate.

Encourage and stimulate pupils to have curiosity and creativity with the confidence to try new challenges in order to prepare them for lifelong learning and economic well-being.

Provide a professional environment where pupils and staff are encouraged to work independently and collaboratively in a climate of mutual trust.

As an Orthodox Jewish school we embrace the need to educate our pupils within a moral framework that reflects and promotes religious beliefs and practices fostering a pride in their Jewish identity.