Spring 2 Mix

This half term we have been very busy learning lots!

Our main focus topics have been; Jack and the Beanstalk, Purim and Pesach.

We role played in our very own giants house in the clouds (in our classroom). We counted golden beans and watched our own beanstalks grow very high. We made sure to water them and to care for them appropriately. We made shakers for purim and we even got to practise shaking them to some music and of course to Hamans name! We made some triangular rice-crispy Hamantashim which were delicious. For Pesach we each got the chance to create our own Seder plates which we can use at our Seder tables at home! We explored numbers to 10 by counting the plagues and counting frogs. We have learnt many Seder songs which we sang at our Seder in ‘Big School’ and hopefully will get the chance to sing at home too.