Israeli Dancing

Jake and Harvey: “I like Israeli dancing as we learn fun dances.”

Mathew: “I  didn`t know it was going to be so much fun. I enjoy it so much.”

Sun: “I didn’t like Israeli dancing before but I love it now.”

Zev: “I don’t really like dancing but I got the hang of it.”

Lara: “I really like Israeli dancing as it is energetic and I have got the hang of the dances.”

Ava: “I enjoy the dancing as I like learning different styles.”

Oliver: “It is a lot of fun doing the dances.”

Dylan: “The dances we do are fun as we jump about.”

Aiden: “It is good because we are learning new skills”

Aarian: “It is  wicked.”

Zion: “It is a good work out and teaches you new skills.”

Ellie: “I love the dancing because I am good at it.”

Abigail: “It is fun even when I go wrong.”

Evie: “I think Israeli dancing is a good form of exercise”

Lottie: “I think it is lots of fun because sometimes you are with a partner and sometimes you do it by yourself.”

Rachel: “I think it is the best PE lesson.”

Brent: “It is a lot of fun when you get the hang of it.”

Jemima: “It is fun because it is the only style of dancing I can do.”

Louis: “It is hard work but fun!”