School Lunch & Milk

2017 – 2018 lunch costs:

September 4th – October 20th: £69.60

October 30th – December 20th: £91.20

January 3rd – February 9th: £67.20

February 19th – March 29th: £69.60

April 16th – May 25th: £67.20

June 4th – July 25th: £91.20

Please pay this in cash (correct money please) or by cheque (payable to LEEDS CITY COUNCIL).

Pay online here (only for purchasing meals in advance – this facility can’t be used for arrears payments)

Reception class, Year 1 and Year 2 now have FREE school meals. If Parents wish to change their child from Packed Lunches to School Meals to take advantage of this free meal, they do need to let us know at the office, as we will not change children’s meal option unless asked to do so.

To register for Cool Milk – click here.

LUNCH MENU: 2018-19 Lunch Menu